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Successful crypto holders know by now that the power of the name combined with valuable features can launch a token or a coin to the Moon, and Methamphetamine is just that kind of project. A new token has found its way to the market swiftly, and people are already having heated discussions about it. Many traders got hooked on it pretty quickly (pun intended) since meme coins are famous for bringing fast and big profits. The silliness of the brands, jokes, or stories behind the projects cannot cloud the actual rewards and profit. If you doubted that Dogecoin will blow up to the sky, holders of it are now smirking at you. To avoid a scenario where Methamphetamine is going to the Moon and is missing it, we are here to show you how you can take your piece of it.

‚ÄčThe meme coins are tricky since there is no simple way to predict whether the token is the next big thing. But, if the story around it is strong and popular enough, it has a great potential to skyrocket. $METH has all tendencies to be precisely that. This hidden gem has all the potential to surpass the same range of tokens in no time. We will break down why $METH is better than other BSC tokens, give you a brief overview of the whole project, and explain how you can get potential an x1000 ROI of it.

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What is a Methamphetamine token,
and how can you profit from it?

The Methamphetamine token is a freshly launched gem. It is a community-driven project created by the lovers of the Breaking Bad TV Show. The fanbase is strong; the narrative is even stronger. Even if you haven't watched the show, you know what it is about. The memes have flooded the internet over the years and they won't be out of fashion any time soon. Our token is somewhat similar to ElonGate and Safemoon. The token has a reasonably average supply compared to similar tokens but still has a really low marketcap which means prices will more than double over night at times. It can be searched by the name handle $METH and it is currently available for trade on the PancakeSwap. Please make sure you are using the Binance Smart Chain and not the Etherium Network. Why is our $METH better? You wont have to pay those high eth gas fees when trading our $METH!

3% of all $METH trades gets redistributed to all holders. Additionally, 3% of it is burnt, and it stays like that for good. Quick tip for traders - be sure to set the slippage to at least 5-7% during the purchase or you may not see the confirmation pop up in your wallet. If you set it to this higher slippage fee, you can avoid your order getting filled at a price that is different from the requested price and will help you maximize your profits. New projects have this tendency, especially during the high volatility fluctuations in the beginnings of a new token.

With tokens like Dogecoin, in the early stages (it is another league now), is that you had to get in quickly. Since the market cap is low, the investment risk is low, but it has good profit potential. The Methamphetamine token is running on the Binance Smart Chain and compared to other Binance Smart Chain tokens, the coin is still in very early stages as a perfect low cap coin to invest in for quick high gains. Nonetheless, this is the exact reason why we think you should invest in it if you're looking for a new token with high moon potentials!



MajeranekTV created a great video displaying our $METH lab (website) and showing his viewers how to purchase our decentralized $METH.

Low price and not so high volatility, which only last until the coin blows to the Moon, make the traders rich. Put simply, now is the time to buy a Methamphetamine token since it has already spiked quite a few times since its creation just a few days ago. The project is still developing, new features are coming, and the supporter (investor) base is expanding daily. Low market cap, limited supply without a presale, and fan-fueled support look like a great mashup for high profits. The time proves over and over again that meme coins bring great investment returns since they are low cap and increase in price fast when the whales find out and realize they can't get enough of our $METH. In this case, we're likely to get x1000 on the investment if you get into the project before it explodes. Of course, we are not here to give any financial advice. Make your own choice, and we hope it will be a profitable one. The instructions on how to purchase $METH are in this video but feel free to join our telegram if you need extra help.

If Dogecoin has proven something, it is that the power of meme, branding, and fan base is heavily underestimated. Get your stack of this hidden gem while the supplies last! The signs of a full moon look promising this night!


The Dro also made a video discussing his purchase and love for the $METH token and community.

I'm sure you've heard the craze with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, even people like elon musk have been pushing other coins like DOGE! Doge is known as a meme coin because originally it was created as a joke but now so many people want in on that joke that the coin is actually gaining some utility. This means that now there are things you can actually buy with Dogecoin... you know, like a pornhub premium pass! There are even talks of whether or not Elon Musk was going to allow you to buy a TESLA with Doge! One of the largest issues with that coin is that it was purposefully made to be inflationary so they basically "print" thousands upon thousands of Doge per day but with so many people buying the coin, the price just kept shooting up to the moon. All the people who bought thousands of dogecoin while it was under a penny in worth, woke up to being rich in just a short amount of time. In comes the $METH token, another great low-cap coin to get in on while we build this awesome community!


Remember, you cannot buy our $METH
on the eth network, those are different $METH dealers
and while we think they have good $METH,
ours is pure and made with love! <3